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Why Should You Vote for Jose?

Making Monterey Park More Pedestrian

and Environmentally Friendly

Jose Sanchez believes that we need start making our streets more safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and more open to public transportation. Check out this Mobility Debate hosted by Streets for All here!

Keeping Monterey Park SAFE by stopping crime and supporting our Police Officers

As I talk to neighbors and residents of District 3, there is no doubt in residents minds that SAFETY is a top priority in Monterey Park. We need to make sure that our MPK police officers have all the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe and well protected.

Let's make Monterey Park a community for kids and families...

One of things my daughters enjoy most about Monterey Park is its parks. We need to work to update our parks with newer equipment for kids who play in our parks and maintain and expand resources for children and their families.

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