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Jose Sanchez is a candidate for Monterey Park City Council District 3. Jose is a classroom teacher and union activist and lifetime member of the Democratic Party. Jose is running for public office because he is committed to serving the students and families that he currently serves


Jose is the son of immigrant parents from Mexico who immigrated to the United States in search of better jobs and better lives. Growing up he worked with his parents cleaning cars, but his parents always encouraged him to study hard and seek a professional career. Upon graduating from high school, Jose attended Occidental College where he received his bachelors degree in Diplomacy & World Affairs and Spanish Literary & Cultural Studies in 2003. Jose then decided to pursue a career as a teacher and attended Claremont Graduate University where he earned a masters degree in Education with an emphasis social justice teaching. Jose also started his doctoral work at Claremont Graduate University.


For the past sixteen years, Jose has served his community as a civics teacher in Alhambra, California where I has served over 4,000 students and their families. As a civics teacher he has worked to empower his students and their families, having been recognized by Congresswoman Judy Chu as "Educator of the Year" in 2018 and by former Assemblymember Ed Chau as a community member "Making a Difference" in 2019. Jose was also recently recognized by the California Department of Education and the California Supreme Court as a "Champion of Civics" in 2021 and the California Council for the Social Studies as "Roy Erickson Civics Educator of the Year" in 2022.


Jose's commitment to labor unions and their right to a collective voice has been part of his mission as a teacher and community member. Jose has been an active union member his entire life, having served in various leadership positions in all local, state and national unions ranging from being a local representative to being part of our bargaining team. I am currently serving as an elected representative for the California Teachers Association (CTA) representing various school districts in the San Gabriel Valley; and, in 2020 he helped lead the campaign for the Schools & Communities First initiative on the split roll property tax proposition.

Jose has been endorsed by SEIU 721 & the Alhambra Democratic Club. Jose has also been endorsed by local leaders like Congresswoman Judy Chu, the Honorable Mike Eng, Monterey Park Mayor Henry Lo, Alhambra Councilwoman Adele Andrade-Stadler, Alhambra Councilwoman Sasha R. Perez, San Gabriel Councilwoman Denise Menchaca, Alhambra School Boardmembers Bob Gin, Kenneth Tang & Marcia Wilson.

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